How To Manage Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate or Sleep in Windows 10

In the past, if you manage Windows 8, shut down become more difficult. Because of modern touch user interface, you don’t find Start Menu. At the same time, if you visit on Windows 10 that totally different which the system has power button has visibly to all users. You can put your system shut down, sleep, restart and few more.

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Try Windows 10 Start Menu:

* Simply give up Windows Key logo and tap the power button and select the shutdown and more. Otherwise you can move quickly through right-click on the Start menu or use Windows Key + X that make you go through those features. To know detail you can click the below link

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An Easy Way You Can Reset Start Menu Layout on Windows 10

Whether you want to protect your Windows Start Menu or set the same situation around the corner in Windows 10 system devices. If you want to bring any changes then you might go with backup to your Start Menu layout so you can keep restoring again those features. One more important thing all details regarding of Start Menu layout where it stored on database through TileDataLayer folder. The only main issue on this sometime, it may warn you, so you need to get some workaround for Start Menu layout in Windows.

The site Windows Central pointed out that you can save Start Menu layout from the crash. To make reset your Start menu layout, you need to use your system account, Local account, and Administrator account.

A New Local Account:

* Settings

* Accounts

* Family & other people

* Add someone else to this PC

* I don’t have this person’s sign-in information

* Add a user without a Microsoft account

* Enter Username and Password

* Next

After that you need to prepare well with built-in Administrator account.

* Windows Key + X

* Local Users and Groups.

* Users.

* Double-click Admistrator

* Account is disabled

* Apply

* Ok

To know more about the Start Menu layout visit the Windows Central official site below link has given to you.

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Try Google Chrome Using Less Battery Power

It’s a¬†competition between the browser on the web, but Google Chrome takes one step forward and it stands for the many for computer. But at the same time the browser it takes a full control of battery strength who are working on laptops or tablets. When you want to less battery power. Here are the few tips from ZDNet site. Which i am going to brief with my thoughts.

Here are the few tips that how to manage the Google Chrome:

* Your Google Chrome always must keep up-to-date, clicking three dots on the top address bar. Select Help–>About Google Chrome or Type Chrome://help/ on the address bar and give Enter button.

* Try to stop Google chrome in the background section, your operating system Windows only. Click three dots–>Settings or chrome://settings/ add on the address bar and Enter button

* The best way to save the battery consuming from Google Chrome, an extension that is not working condition you can uninstall those from the browser.

* If you aren’t aware about opening more tabs that could be draining your computer laptop battery power.

* If any flash player disturbing your chrome, then you can immediately stop them, which is getting run automatically on your chrome.

* Whether you want to skip the Google chrome, then you can use default Microsoft or Safari browser on their respective operating system.

That’s it.

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Godotify Lets Your Friends Wait Messages forever on Facebook

If you chat with Facebook friends, and you do a faster typing to share the messages to anyone, but other side you are waiting for messages it’s not going to increase your blood presure anymore. And the worst thing that you have to make patient to get the messages from the person. But this Godotify will solve the matter about waiting others.

This Godotify application works both on Mac and Windows the tool will connect with your Facebook if your friend make typing the messages and they know the person who waiting for your messages forever. The app runs on phone background and it keeps count that your friends waiting time forever. And also it keeps notifications when the new friends arrived in your line.

That’s it.

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Try Programs Pinned in Taskbar on Windows 10 [Admin]

If you are using the Windows 10 operating system any pinning programs want to get into the taskbar, this method not cleared from Windows 7. If you want to pin any files or folders into the taskbar, you need to work deeply to get experience with them.

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Many users favorite one, clicking Start menu that can be loaded programs faster. But most of them, they preferred pinning the program files or folders are capable to achieve anything. If you want to pin the program in the taskbar. The site IntoWindows pointed out clearly with three types of method:

* In Windows you can run the program pinned in taskbar as admin. Just hold down Ctrl and Shift keys that program pinned into the taskbar.

* Another step pin the program in the taskbar as admin. Find the file or folder icon and give right-click option.

* If you wanted to run always to pin the program in the taskbar as admin, there has a facility to do that well. Here it comes right-click option to set the program. Once you right-click–>program name–>Properties and not to make Unpin from the taskbar. Once the Command Prompt Properties window opened–>Shortcut tab–>Advanced button–>Run as administrator–>Ok–> Apply. That’s all.

To know details with images, visit below link.

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