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Google Chrome has a fully packed browser engine, you can find some useful stuff on this browser. Even, I also pretty interested with these features that allowing users to access Chrome extensions, and it also open source format to get modify the browser Chrome flags. In this article, I have to say one feature that it carries more than 100 languages and that’s remarkable. This Chrome allows the user to change their native language and this benefit you get through on the web. So readers without wasting time let’s get into the topic of how to change the language in Google Chrome.

You have a multiple choice to change the language in Google Chrome, whether you are using mobile or desktop platforms. It can be possible through this article.

Change Language in Google Chrome on Desktop:

First, load the Chrome browser and Click the three-dot on the top right corner and Settings.

Next, Click the hamburger menu on the top left-hand side and Choose Advanced to enlarge the menu. And Click Languages.

Load the Language tab and Click ”Add languages”.

After that choose the language that you want to use the default and click Add button.

Continuing that, again click three-dot menu and set default language on beside the language click the box before ”Display Google Chrome in this language”.

Once you completed all the setup, click ”Relaunch” button to save changes.

Again move the cursor into Language settings and click ”move to the top” beside on your chosen language. See you have completed Chrome language with user interface and settings.

Perhaps, if you want to change the language of Google search through on Chrome then you need to go one more step. Open Google search and click Settings below the search box and select Languages.

After that, choose your preferred language and click the Save button. Now, your Google search will get into support your selected language.

Change Language in Google Chrome on Mobile Phone:

If you want to change language Google Chrome on Android mobile, then you need to get into system language on your Android device. It means doing this way it will affect all your apps and phone settings at the same time. How you want to know this then keep continuing this article if you are using Android mobile.

Load Settings on your Android mobile and General Management.

Tap ”Language and input”.

Tap Language

Tap on Add language

Select your native language which has been listed.

After that move the desire language on the top by dragging with your finger.

Now, you can see the whole system device and Google Chrome literally gets changed with your preferred language.

That’s it.

Note: I am using Android Orea OS on my mobile to change the language on Google Chrome.

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