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If you work with apps or browsers you will meet as a default language in English. Anyway, there is no matter whether your language is different. Many of them do prefer their native language. If you want to work with your own speaking language, then it comes easily to change on your user interface language of using a browser, follow this article you will get some nice and sweat support to change your preferred language.

If your system using Google Chrome and you don’t know how to change the user interface language, continue with us. It will help you through the browser into multiple languages with your choice.

How To Change User Interface on Your Google Chrome Browser:

If your Chrome browser comes as a default, then here is the step.

Load the Google Chrome browser, and click Menu and choose ‘Settings’ from the features.

Scroll down to the end of the page and find ‘Advanced’ link. And click on the link.

Click the ‘Language‘ button and ‘Add Languages‘ if you didn’t find the exact language on the list.

Choose the language and click ‘Add’ button to on the list.

At the end of the point, check right mark against ‘Display Chrome in this language‘ and give restart your Google Chrome browser to allow those changes to take effect smoothly.

That’s it.

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