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We all know about Instagram, it’s a photo sharing social network gets popular around the world. But the thing is everyone doesn’t like this social media. So what you have any idea to skip.

This photo sharing service is a parent company of Facebook. If you treat same like Facebook then you may go with one single option and choosing apply deactivate the Instagram account, here you will know how to prepare the schedule.

How To Deactivate Instagram Account:

Load you Instagram on the web.

Apply your username and password to get into the account.

Click the avatar on the top right.

Click Edit Profile button

Scroll down and see ”Temporarily disable my account.”

Now you can see the drop-down menu will be shown to you. However, you need to pick the reason anyone below given to you disabling the Instagram account, next you need to input the password and Click Temporarily Disable Account which is highlighted with blue color button.

Finally, your long time Instagram account disabled.

How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently:

If you aren’t interested to make deactivate the account, and you want to delete permanentely then here is the step you need to apply after sign in to the Instagram account.

Open Instagram on desktop PC.

Apply username and password to make sign in your account.

Unfortunately, your Instagram account doesn’t expose Delete function live. But if you are interested to, here is the link that will take you delete section.

Next, Why are you deleting your account? after you can see drop-down menu choose any feature on this.

Finally, Click ”Permanently delete my account” shows with red color button. That’s it.

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