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Facebook is a social media and more popular one, recently it receive delete Facebook gets viral around the world. But deleting Facebook isn’t a best practice and also it will not comes realistic to anyone.

Whatever it’s we are all cornered with Facebook’s nails. Even, you will not recommend your friends and family members to skip away with you, you still find the place for some reason. If you stay with this social giant, you are still stands with your personal details. To clean some unwanted text on your Facebook account, then choose Social Book Post Manager is a Chrome extension help you to delete a lot from Facebook.

All you have to do download the Social Book Post Manager through Chrome Web Store. Once you done the installation process, you can drive into Activity Log. While using extension it will connect to related pages.

If you want to take delete the whole, and you committed to finish the work, then you go through Activity Log on the left of the sidebar, from their you can choose to delete Posts, Hide/Unhide, Like, and Reactions. After that go through set year, or month. If this extension doesn’t work properly, then you can remove other extensions, and again you run to reinstall Social Book Post Manager. Before you do this performance, you go to chrome browser on the top right corner three dots click on this follow More Tools–>Clear Browsing Data–>Advanced tab, and make check each and every item, and Clear Data.

That’s it.

Source: Social Book Post Manager

Via: The Mac Observer

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