Shout App Help You to Save, Share and Curate the Content from Chrome and iOS

Believe or not, on the web you can find a plenty of content. But when it comes to saving and sharing those contents and organizing aren’t much easier. If you take the example on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Just enter into the new app which is named Shout supports for Chrome and iOS, and this service has all popular content, which are well organized all in one place. This app will support yourself, friends and many other community lovers.

Once you accept the Shout app, you can start surfing any content on the web, you can make Shout the content, not for new articles, it can also support videos, PDF files, and many things you can do right from the Shout application.

The most interesting on this Shout, anyone can make collaboration with their own content by insert those thoughts. You can also try email which will sent to anyone whoever following this email. One drawback through email, you can’t customize the default application. You can try the Shout both on Chrome and iOS system devices. The process is same what others gives us, but at the same time if you want to try something different on the web, then you may go with Shout.

That’s it.

Source: Shout for Chrome and iOS Via: TNW

Facebook Bring Your Facebook 360 for Gear Virtual Reality

It’s a center stage for 360 photos and videos that Facebook now getting more improvement with sharing video, like Facebook Live functionality. Even there are so many of social services providing that kind of things. Google Plus and YouTube are Main platform who allow their user to upload 360 photos and video as well. The new challenge come for Gear Virtual Reality headset, which is finding a new stuff from the Oculus Video store, or other part like taking selfies and some popular videos that come more to find the place on the top. To get more improvement Facebook brings you a new Gear Virtual Reality from Facebook 360. This feature has a minimum level of functionality which includes four tabs to search and load 360-degree photo and video files. The feature brings ”Explore” tab search you top content, ”Following” friends 360 content who likes that you can follow, ”Saved” it can save a lot of time from the new feed and ”Timeline” get you experience through uploading photos and videos.

The Facebook 360‘s user settings finds you a perfect, you can save and share the content from the services. At the time that Facebook users gone to the top with uploading of 360 photos and videos and you can find more and more content that you can survive from Facebook 360.

Source: Facebook 

Peanut App May Search Your Mamas Friends through Social Chat

To become a new parent that mainly puts you curb on between the relationships with social friends, but at the same time, when you are meeting your friends they are also parents. A new Peanut app for iPhone, lets you help women to search mamas friends it’s like Tinder app settings.

With this app, if you aren’t searching women on your social app on the Facebook profile, then you are out of the game show. After installing the app on your iPhone, the Peanut app uses your Facebook account to add profile on the app, after that it will ask about gender, and the ages. To know clearly, you have an option, choose stickers for your profile identity like a Sleep Deprived, Wine Time, and many more. After you set the profile, you can make swipe the images to other mamas in your place.

Source: Peanut Via: Lifehacker

Stalkscan Finds You a Full Details With Secure on the Facebook

When it comes to privacy on Facebook, the tools are horrible and get you complex with non-stop changes. The web app Stalkscans is the only tool can find and indicates any kind of details, whether it’s visible or invisible from your eye sight on your Facebook’s user profile.

Now, the information is commonly visible to the public and also it gives a group like a friend, colleagues and common users. It’s a public contribution anyone can view the information. Still, the service can show a public post, or friends can explore the recent posts, pictures or set the content to make public, but this option becomes very sensitive on your Facebook.

With this Stalkscan, it can survive all public information from the Facebook profile. But some of the items doesn’t hold the choice on the straightaway on the Facebook. To know the details from Facebook, just enter the URL address from Facebook on your Stalkscan, and give Enter button. The result will load the public details, and shows some sorted by title, groups and also involved with similar page.

One thing about this application, that support Facebook, when you get posted information on Facebook, the privacy tool brings some changes when the Facebook availability that display all the posts where you can share group or single.

Source: Stalkscan  Via: Ghacks

An Easy Way You Can Switch Off Automatically Playing Sound on Video in Facebook

When sharing video someone on their Facebook account, the video makes the sound louder. Now, the Facebook gets updated, while you scroll your feed on your Facebook the video playing sound automatically. Here is the tip for you to disable the service.

In the previous update, you are hearing the video sound when you tap on the Facebook video. Now, your smartphone will not keep silent mode, the sound disappear on or off when you start scroll through on the video. Whether the feature will accept all over the Facebook users, but the idea comes welcome pack at the moment.

For Android:

* Open Facebook app and make login with your registered account.

* Tap the hamburger icon on the top right corner

* Tap App Settings

* Tap to off the ”Video in News Feed Start With Sound”

For iOS:

* Open iPhone or iPad and Start Facebook App and Login

* Tap hamburger button

* Settings

* Account Settings

* Sounds

* Turn off ”Videos in News Feed Start With Sound”

That’s all. If you don’t above feature on your Facebook, lets wait for the upcoming update.

Source: Facebook for iOS, Android   Via: Facebook Newsroom