This Chrome Extension File Will Turn Into Extract Source Code

I think to learn code in two types of way like practically and theory method will find the best solution. But GitHub brings everything simple your program code that comes real. The matter on this you can’t find multiple language projects from your chrome extensions, even you can’t find much source code.

The only solution, copy and paste the file CRX Extractor is one help you to solve the problem. This free Chrome extension file sort out through extracting the source code from your Chrome Extension extension. To start copy and paste the link into the Chrome Web Store, on the other side you can download chrome extension file and make upload the file straight away on the web.

Following the method, CRX extractor trigger out the file and it will automatically change into a .zip archive file. Through this you can search for the archive file. If you want to know more, then you can visit About page.

The whole project becomes an open source format and it’s a free on the GitHub site. With CRX Extractor, you will get the very simple source code to learn and it makes the best developers.

That’s it.

Source: CRX Extractor Via: Hongkiat

How To Enable or Disable YouTube’s Restricted Mode on Different Operating System

YouTube is a video repository and make you enjoy with unlimited videos, TV shows that keeps entertain younger to elder person, but watching those videos on YouTube that might not want to see the kids and family members. YouTube is offering a new feature which you can enable or disable the Restricted Mode. On this way, YouTube is filtering out some inappropriate video content anymore.

While enabling Restricted Mode on your YouTube, this feature makes you filter out those inappropriate video content who might not want to see from the video service.

When you filter out those contents through Restricted Mode on YouTube, the operating system (Web, Chrome, iPhone, iPod, Android) completely different to enable the function.

To Enable Restricted Mode from iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch:

* Open the YouTube app on iOS–>Tap account icon stands upper corner

* Settings

* Restricted Mode Filtering

* Select ”Strict” listed inside Restricted Mode

* Exit from the YouTube Settings

To Enable Restricted Mode in Safari browser:

* Load

* Tap three dots

* Settings

* Restricted Mode to make Turn On

* Run YouTube regular version

To Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube in Safari Desktop:

* Go ahead with Google account

* Click Profile picture

* Settings

* Restricted Mode–>Strict

To Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube from Google Chrome:

* Start with Google account

* Scroll down the end of the bottom and Click ”Restricted Mode”

* Restricted Mode to be ”On” –>Save

To Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube from Android:

* Load YouTube from Android

* Tap three dots on the top right corner

* Settings

* General

* Scroll down find ”Restricted Mode” to ”On”

That’s all

Via: OS X Daily

How To Use Skype Call Links in Your Favorite Tools (Email, Calendar, Twitter) from Chrome Extension

I have no idea about that adding Skype call links to anyone. But many of them, they do with their favorite tools. The company Microsoft brings Skype Chrome extension includes an update to Skype call links inside the Gmail, Outlook, and Microblog Twitter set up.

Image Credit: Skype

Image Credit: Skype

The newest update from the Skype extension help you to share call links or load Skype on the site. Now, this feature extends more favorite tools like email, calendar and Twitter account.

Right now, the update offering Gmail, Outlook and Twitter account. When you work with email, it gives a nice functionality, but at the same time using the calendar on that come very interesting. If anyone is offering you through calendar you can make faster to join into Skype from your favorite users.

Lets start through download the Skype from the Chrome Web store, and include the Skype call links both on email and and Calendar.

* Open

* Click New

* Click Add Skype Video Call button

* send you an invitation to join with Skype calls.

Google Calendar:

* Open Google Calendar

* Click Create to run new event

* Under Event tab

* Click Add Skype video call link

* Wait for seconds the Skype video link ready to chat. This feature depends on Microsoft and URL. If you are connected with third-party tool, then you need to allow cookies to run the application. For this you need to make some change on to the chrome to get work. Finally, Twitter allows Skype call link setup for an open meeting to make tweet along with join

That’s it.

Source: Skype for Chrome Via: Skype Blog, PC World

Google Chrome App Hiding Some Cheeky Secrets, You Want to Know That

Google’s Chrome web browser has hidden feature that comes out, but the browser keeps you a couple of work for them to roll out the cheeky fun item. The secret run on your smartphone, i have tried on my Android smartphone. The Sun site identified the secrets.

Once you open the Chrome app, you will see the number that you open, how many times a new tab and it the tabs will be live. But at the same time, if you hit tabs into 100 marks, the indicator suddenly changes into a Laughing Face, the same you open on 100 incognito tabs.

Incognito tabs bring your surfing in private mode, whether it reaches out three digit number it gets changed into a happy face. And this option only allow into Android phone, but iOS will be treated smiley face. Google always loves some cheeky matter.

That’s it.

Via: The sun

Shout App Help You to Save, Share and Curate the Content from Chrome and iOS

Believe or not, on the web you can find a plenty of content. But when it comes to saving and sharing those contents and organizing aren’t much easier. If you take the example on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Just enter into the new app which is named Shout supports for Chrome and iOS, and this service has all popular content, which are well organized all in one place. This app will support yourself, friends and many other community lovers.

Once you accept the Shout app, you can start surfing any content on the web, you can make Shout the content, not for new articles, it can also support videos, PDF files, and many things you can do right from the Shout application.

The most interesting on this Shout, anyone can make collaboration with their own content by insert those thoughts. You can also try email which will sent to anyone whoever following this email. One drawback through email, you can’t customize the default application. You can try the Shout both on Chrome and iOS system devices. The process is same what others gives us, but at the same time if you want to try something different on the web, then you may go with Shout.

That’s it.

Source: Shout for Chrome and iOS Via: TNW