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YouTube is a video repository and make you enjoy with unlimited videos, TV shows that keeps entertain younger to elder person, but watching those videos on YouTube that might not want to see the kids and family members. YouTube is offering a new feature which you can enable or disable the Restricted Mode. On this way, YouTube is filtering out some inappropriate video content anymore.

While enabling Restricted Mode on your YouTube, this feature makes you filter out those inappropriate video content who might not want to see from the video service.

When you filter out those contents through Restricted Mode on YouTube, the operating system (Web, Chrome, iPhone, iPod, Android) completely different to enable the function.

To Enable Restricted Mode from iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch:

* Open the YouTube app on iOS–>Tap account icon stands upper corner

* Settings

* Restricted Mode Filtering

* Select ”Strict” listed inside Restricted Mode

* Exit from the YouTube Settings

To Enable Restricted Mode in Safari browser:

* Load YouTube.com

* Tap three dots

* Settings

* Restricted Mode to make Turn On

* Run YouTube regular version

To Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube in Safari Desktop:

* Go ahead YouTube.com with Google account

* Click Profile picture

* Settings

* Restricted Mode–>Strict

To Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube from Google Chrome:

* Start YouTube.com with Google account

* Scroll down the end of the bottom and Click ”Restricted Mode”

* Restricted Mode to be ”On” –>Save

To Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube from Android:

* Load YouTube from Android

* Tap three dots on the top right corner

* Settings

* General

* Scroll down find ”Restricted Mode” to ”On”

That’s all

Via: OS X Daily

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