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Kodi is an award-winning open source platform to watch live TV from your Android phone.

Here that we point out, this application not a TV channel to show through from the internet but the app runs OTA channels. Set a suitable hardware and plugins, that adds OTA TV on your main interface of Kodi. Even, Android TV can bring Live TV on itself. But at the same time if the Kodi designed then the choice comes for you.

To get into matter, you need to set up hardware, before you go to Kodi. This will not come much easier installing the plugin, you can bring a third-party client to support Kodi, to bring TV channels which display on your Kodi interface and you can find a number of useful features.

Enable Live TV on Kodi:

* Click add-ons on the Kodi

* My add-ons

* PVR clients

* Choose related PVR client hardware

* Click and Install

Finally, the Live TV will be enabled with a support of Kodi. The process it comes simple once you find the solution, go back to the main screen and turn TV menu on the sidebar. To know more details, click below link it will find you a better result.
Source: Kodi Via: Android Central

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