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We don’t spend enough time to take a screenshot, but the most of the time taking a snap, it will come more useful like sharing our thoughts and gets you a less work from others.

But it’s not a proper way to deal with the bundle amount of images. You are regular user sending unlimited photos which through go upload to the social media on the web. If you want to finish the work faster as much as you like. For this preparation you need to find USB or do with manually to cloud storage.

If you are a regular user of Dropbox, then the app provides storing and sharing pictures more with simplified. Even, using Dropbox automatically upload any screenshot that you take and here you know how to take that cement from your Mac.

First, you need to download Dropbox application and install on your Mac device. On your keyboard use Shift+Command+3 for screenshot taking complete screen. Either, you don’t see a popup window, you can click the Dropbox icon on the top corner on the app screen. Click to go through the cog wheel icon at the bottom right corner and choose Preferences. Another side, choose new window and click Import tab, and right mark next to Share screenshots using Dropbox and Finally, restart your system device.

In future, you want to turn off the Share screenshots using Dropbox, then you to Preferences–> Import.

That’s it.

Source: Dropbox

Via: MakeUseOf

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