It takes around one year to produce Night Shift to every iPhone and iPad devices, and now Apple introducing color temperature for the Mac and this feature start with v 10.12.4. The site 9to5mac pointed out. And here you can find brief about this feature.

We had very similar experience to the Flux for Mac, but the MacOS Sierra brings a new update version, which brings you a color temperature that demands to rotate the system-level. Whatever experience you had on Flux the same feature you will get on this new update. This Night Shift becomes on built-in feature that makes you very easy and more convenient.

To perform this option, your Mac 10.12.4 or later version. At the moment the feature in a beta version. It will reach to get a full version.

* In Notification Center, the feature helps you to make manually adjust the toggle of Night Shift on or off.

* Click ⋮≡ icon on the top right corner and click Today –> Night Shift shows off mode, you can turn on which is available right above to the Do Not Disturb.

* If you want to make any adjustment to Night Shift settings, load your System Preferences app and open Display Section.

* You can manually enable or disable the Night Shift, and also schedule on your time based with day or sunset to sunrise to bring warm. If you want to make automatically to appear this feature, you need to make manually to turn on or off.

* To activate Night Shift, you can use voice over Siri app and make command on them. Once more on to this, if you are using MacBook Pro the Night Shift might not be available through Touch Bar. To know about this feature detailed, below link will guide you a lot of things.

That’s it.

Via: 9To5Mac

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