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Basically, I still use a bunch of apps for various products and that use to take notes, and preparing schedules for events, if someone would like to get organized, then I am ready to take part in this case. But at the same time, your phone doesn’t want to fill junk with products and it required a useful program that can remember those feature, and you can try Remindee app.

Remindee, This app for Android phone and you can generate reminders through from this app and you can share those content, whether it’s a Twitter, Facebook or anything else you just hit. All you have to do use Share button, or choose any text or picture and share through Remindee, thus will create with popups and set the date and time that you want to say that.

I have been download and installed this app on my Android and test which come smoothly on my phone device. Once you have created it will be listed in the Remindee app, where you can archive or edit them if it’s important. Even you can try some other app like Google Keep and multiple devices, but at the same time you aren’t well versed with default program, then you can go through Remindee which gives you a simple and smoother to keep on the top on your mobile phone.

When you download this app, it gives you a free version and you don’t find any ads or in-app purchase. If you are interested just give it a single try.

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