Citizen App for Android Make You Notify, When the Crime Attempt Near You

If it’s doesn’t matter, then the crime and other incident may go up. It’s a possible more, we meet or whoever been meet those crimes or a major incident happen some of the locations. When you begin to stop those troublesome it will not come much easier, in this stage the Citizen app stands against those bad functions. This app renamed with a new name for Android and iOS devices as well.

The app Citizen clearly mentions, if any incident happened that has been reported to 911 at your nearest place. This comes much simple, but everyone has known about the functionality to avoid the upcoming incident.

In the past, the app named Vigiante, and this prototype tech become more popular for iPhone. Along with the app, it released video displaying incident from the people who use the this application. The response of this gets more welcome throughout the world. Because of the important for security. But at the same time, Vigilante has received some distraction from the people, so the app developed removed from the App store. And now the app become with fresh coded both on Android and iOS devices.

Right now the app gets the service only in New York City, in future the app expands his service. This Citizen app for free and you can download from the Play Store.

That’s all.

Source: Citizen Via: Android Police

Google’s Hangout Meet for Android App, Gets You Office Related Audio and Video Links

Google brings you split program on Hangouts one for Meet and the second for Chat, it’s completely for G Suite enterprise users. This Hangouts Meet early released on iOS support using iPhone users and now the app turn into fresh code into the Android operating system. The app main engine of Hangouts Meet to connect companies through video conferencing to make faster and get you much simpler. For this you don’t have to approach any third-party or sign up process for your video chat. To connect you have to share the link. In your nearest there is no wireless connection then you don’t have to worry about those things your phone contact will make specialized for your G Suite customers, and this new Android Meet will make video chat more than 30 people within a single connection.

The second app Hangouts Chat, which brings you text conversations that comes from G Suite like Google Docs. And also the feature studied well with bot works automatically make you schedule meetings through Google Calendar set up. The company providing a ton of storage from Google Cloud that support businesses and more web page to read the content on the wings, and you have a chance that comes right from your place.

That’s it.

Source: Hangouts Meet  Via: Google Blog, Engadget

Day By Day Introduce a New Habit to Set the Goal for Daily Life from Android

Day By Day bring you a habit tracker for your upcoming productivity that might juggling, but at the same time, it gets simple works. This new Day by Day brought you a free application on your Android device and this gets you little bit improvement those methodologies.

Whether you aren’t aware of this new process, this feature works like you concentrate particular productivity or daily habit. When you perform to remind you to have to mark with X on the calendar app. If you don’t continue the day then you will not receive X that might leave you from the productivity and the Don’t break the chain will come first.

If you want to turn your lifestyle, Day by Day is an Android free app support with the image. After that, you can set up the everyday reminders to stay ongoing things. It has material design settings with different color shades. When you unlocking for a full version, you can track one or more habits and it will set a few beauty.

Source: Day By Day  Via: Lifehacker

Access Your Favorite Apps on Your Home Screen With Contextual App

Did you think your Android home screen looks simple and ordinary folder? This Contextual app makes you smarter creating a folder for Android apps. It can set a different style format, that can do anything on your phone home screen.

With this contextual app, you can set to display a variety of apps, even you want to connect with your headsets, where you want to make a phone call or connect internet. There is no issue to connect anything and right from your home screen. Here you can learn how to make setting up the folder on the home screen.

Once you have installed the Contextual app from the play store, load the app and set-up with guide note. After available on the main menu, you are ready to start the contextual folders. First, you have to create ”Default folder” and tap from the main screen. You can find a list of apps where you have already installed from the play store for your Android phone. From the app, just tap three-dot menu and rearrange the apps, and choose the ”Order actions” from there you can move using drag and drop the applications to set your apps order.

When it comes to creating contextual folders, from the main menu, you can find at the bottom right (+) plus button and select ”Trigger Type” on the list. You can find location, Wireless, Bluetooth, time and day, and each has their own smart folder. If you want to combine more apps through in-app purchase can make successful things. After you set up the trigger of each event, find palette icon which available on the top corner to apply the theme for every smart folder. To add the Folder on your Home screen, a long press on the empty on the phone main screen, select Widgets through from the menu. After that, make a long press C.A.F widget, and move the folder into the home screen. Now, your contextual folder is reacting on your home screen about the events. You can find some changes happen on the folder as well.

That’s it.

Source: Contextual Folder Via: Wonderhowto

How To Switch On NetGuard’s Hidden Ad-Blocking Feature from Android

From smartphone, If you want to keep secure firewall on the internet, NetGuard is an Android app, which keep blocking unwanted activities on the web through from every single of apps and maintain your internet speed and save your phone battery life. If you have using NetGuard application, the recent new update gets more feature which brings you hidden ad-blocking features, which you have find out from the app settings.

For your information, Google will not allow ad-blocking feature on the play store, the company only recommend on your chrome browser or other support Google apps. To do this all you have to do find APK to make install on your Android phone, after that the NetGuard will start ad-blocking the feature.

* First you need to make uninstall the NetGuard which you have downloaded from the play store, the latest version which is arrived on the GitHub site from there you can download and complete the process.

* Open the NetGuard, switch on the toggle to activate the VPN service. This going to block unwanted ads and filters unknown traffic, a small window screen will open and Connection request– turn on VPN to Ok button.

* Once you turn on VPN service, now you have to move on three-dot menu button available on the top right corner on the application. Then go to ”Settings” and enable Filter traffic that you can find under Advanced options menu. And also you have to confirm that Block domain name also to be switched on.

* Go back to the Settings menu and tap Backup–>Download hosts file. Once you get complete, open Chrome and find three-dot menu and scroll down to search ”Data Saver” to turn off.

* Finally, the result has to come your under cage, you have to wait minimum ten minutes, before you stop watching those ads and let to finish the Android DNS cache running time.

That’s it.

Source: NetGuard Via: Wonderhowto