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Surfing websites or any content through browser and your choice comes first Chrome then you really known about recent update about Google Chrome. It has some nice looks with latest version for Chrome. And it brings you a stylish features.

The newly updated design swaps out Chrome’s well known point of views and square design, and now it becomes with rounded address bar corners, circle icons, and few color changes. If it looking good then you may continue, otherwise you may revert the design into old chrome style, and for a little longer this.

Old Chrome Browser:

First of all, you need to change some setting to turn into old chrome browser design, through Chrome flag. To enter into this configure, you need load Chrome and enter below URL path.


Start scroll down to chrome flag list to search UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome.

Click the drop-down menu on the right of entry to modify from Default to Normal. And Chrome prompt to restart Google Chrome browser. You can see at the bottom of the page Relaunch Now button or do manually quite the Chrome to get changes. So be secure your bookmarks to save before reloading a browser in safe area.

After, you reload the browser, you will get notice that the old Chrome user interface will be turn easily on your device. Now, your Chrome browser will be change, and the newly updated version stands under Chrome browser.

One important things, that I think this setting will be stand for a while, because you have been experienced with old Chrome, that’s why Google remain the feature once you settle down with latest version, Google will remove automatically. That’s it.

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