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If you are using Windows, then screen savers are one of the features that you can bring alive and prevent cathode ray tube pc monitor against the copy image that will be extended particular period. But at the same time using LCD monitor that produce a new formula to the monitors that don’t accept to burn-in to display high-quality image, turning screen savers are the past things.

Anyway, this feature doesn’t require at the moment, either you are using an old pc monitor, definitely you must create a multiple look and thing when you aren’t using regularly with those PC, you can bring screen savers on your Windows 10. All you have to know these settings where it was placed.

In this article, if you are using Windows 10, go through step-by-step to manage the old monitor with screen savers on your system device.

Enable screen savers on Windows 10:

* Settings

* Personalization

* Lock screen

* Screen saver settings link

* Under see ”Screen saver” and click the drop-down menu, and choose the screen saver that you want apply.

Important Notice:

It depends on screen saver to select, and click the Settings to make customize multiple features. Example: selecting Pictures you need to point the pictures to display when your PC idle. Otherwise choosing 3D Text features, you can display text or recent time.

* Wait for options, manage the minutes with a number, before you take down into active mode.

* Even, you can verify On resume, display the login screen to make lock your system device automatically once screen saver turns on.

* Apply button

* Ok button

After, these settings your Windows 10 will activate the screen saver. That’s it.

Via: Windows Central 

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