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Handling you Windows 10 on your computer, then your phone is a feature that will give permission you use ”Continue to PC”, which becomes a part of Microsoft Edge experience, from these you can send all function through your computer, it means you can get the opportunity to access your Widescreen and few more function.

While you make the connection from phone to pc, it’s a kind of new experience that you will meet any difficulties on your workplace it will catch up. On April 2018, Windows 10 got an update that includes disabling Phone-to-PC linking service with 2 best way on your Windows 10 computer.

Let’s jump into the session to disable Phone-to-PC linking.

Disable Phone-to-PC linking with Group Policy:

To perform this function Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise to reach the link of the phone to pc with Local Group Policy Editor.

* Windows + R keyboard –> Run –> Open box

* gpedit.msc–>Ok

* Local Group Policy Editor

* Follow below path:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Group Policy

* On the right-hand-side click Phone-PC linking on this device.

* Choose Disabled feature.

* Finally, Click Apply and Click Ok button.

Disable Windows 10 Phone-PC linking using With Registry:

To run this feature your Windows 10 meet a minimum requirement of Windows Home without using Local Group Policy Editor, and one more thing you can bring the adjustment on Registry to make disable your phone settings.

Note: When you decided to enter Registry, it may risk your system and also it can damage your program, so we recommend you to take a full backup of your computer, before doing this function on your device.

* Windows + R –>Run command

* regedit –>OK to load Registry

* Follow below path:


To enter the shortcut, your Windows allow you to copy and paste the above path.

* Right-click Windows key–>New–>Key


* Name the key–>Enter

* Right-click on new key–>New–>DWORD (32-Bit) Value

* Name EnableMmx as a key–>Enter

* Double-Click which you newly created DWORD key and set the value 0.

* Finally, Click Ok button.

That’s it.

Via: Windows Central

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