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If you always with Google Chrome browser, then you may do this thing download files. When you get into the process you can see the bar at the bottom of the Chrome browser. One the left side you can see the downloading files and the process. Even you can close the bar on the right- hand side click the close button. Doing this function your download process doesn’t affect anymore. The download file will complete and open the downloaded page through chrome to get into the Folder. If you don’t like the bar and you don’t want to close every time whenever you download the files, you can bring them permanently to disable Download bar on your chrome browser with support of the extension.

How To Disable the Download bar in chrome:

Always Clear Downloads is a chrome extension will support to disable the downloads bar, clear the downloads list, and hide your Downloads bar. If you aren’t prepared well to clear the Download list then you go through on settings and change some feature at first. And also you want to escape from the daily schedule like ‘Clear downloads every few seconds’ you can make uncheck. If you want to hide downloads bar, then you need to enable ‘Disable download shelf option’.

That’s it. You complete the setup. Now, you can test from chrome to make download any files at the bottom you will not see the downloads bar anymore. But the download starts regularly, and you can see the green indication which runs on the Chrome taskbar icon. To stay with more about this you should download this extension.

Source: Always Clear Downloads

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