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In this place everyone there, usually you park the car somewhere on the street and go to some important work. It may take an hour or later, once you completed you just go away looking your car where you have been parked.

You don’t get into trouble you lost the car again. Now, it comes more simple if you are using a smartphone then it may help to search the parking place where you have been left the car. For this, you need to use map application, you already using for your place navigation and more.

Google Maps is the one you can use on both iOS and Android, and you will immediately find out within minute through that location you have been saved on your smartphone.

In this article, I will try through on my Android phone. Let’s get started.

The function to save the parking location on Google Maps through on Android phone, it comes with extra feature on the way.

Tap blue dot on the map.

Click ”Save you parking” on the new screen which is appears.

Either, you want to share the link give tap ”Share” inside the ”Parking location” at the bottom of the map main screen.

If you want to add more details, tap or swipe upside at the end of ”Parking location” bar

You can change the location anytime at the bottom.

Under Parking notes, tap ”Enter notes” you can feed the details of your location number or street. And also you can set the parking time to expires.

Next, you can tap on ”Add photos” box you want to add a photo that may help to find easily your vehicle when you return.

At the map bottom, you can find ”Directions” button, you just tap on it, it will take you step-by-step directions, or use the Start button to start navigation that guides to the vehicle.

Even, you can erase the saved location through ”Clear” button.

Note, if your Android phone will get continuous notification of your parked car. You can easily swipe the notification to dismiss it. Whether you aren’t getting any notifications all the time, you just go with disable entirely.

For this, you need to move Maps Settings which is located on the top left-hand side hamburger menu icon.

Click the ”Notifications” and ”People and places”.

See ”Save parking” next find the toggle on or off. If it’s the toggle on and you can turn off. This process saves the parking location only once at the time. You can save multiple time. If you want to save more then it will overwrite on your current save parking location.

That’s it.

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