Microsoft Introduce With New Brand Name Mixer Create App for Android (Beta)

Last year that Microsoft recalled Beam streaming product, because of Windows 10 Creators Update, the feature was released recently, this one brings beam support to stream the games without using any third-party software. As part, the company Microsoft renamed a Beam product into Mixer Create and this application available on Google play store and it gets supports for Android as a beta condition.

This Mixer Create app is now active and the app sets the competition to Twitch and YouTube, because the streaming product brings with low coverage. The service never gets too slow, and it shows a point of small delay compared to other platforms.

Microsoft already has Mixer Live Stream, but this application completed for broadcasting to your phone and tablet devices.

With this application you can find on the play store, below link finds you a lot more.

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Source: Mixer Create Via: Android Police

How To Hide OneDrive on Windows 10 Home

Your Windows 10 operating computer, then you must see OneDrive, but at the same time you have not seen on it, then you can find some other ways to hide the OneDrive from Windows 10.

If your computer PC has Windows 10 Home version, then you don’t have to move Group Policy editor. But the situation is same you can use every function on OneDrive step by step to delete all items which are included in the Cloud storage.

To finish the perform correctly, you need to search the OneDrive icon, which is available on the system tray right at the bottom of Windows corner. Whether you don’t find the icons. All you have to do click the small arrow to display the OneDrive icon.

* Open OneDrive app

* Settings

* In the General tab, you can uncheck the every single box

* Click Auto Save tab

* Set This PC only and make uncheck the boxes

* Next, Account tab

* Click Choose folders

* Click Sync all files and folder in my OneDrive and press on OK button.

Finally, you follow these steps, you can clean the all from OneDrive, and also you can keep safe your cloud storage.

Go to the Account tab from OneDrive settings. And remove your account with Unlike this PC from OneDrive and make exit the Welcome window which is popping up, as you want to skip from them. Furthermore, open your File Explorer and find OneDrive listed on the sidebar, and make right-click on it and click Properties–>General tab–>Hidden. Finally, you can check it out from your Windows system tray which OneDrive icon listed and Click Exit. That’s it.

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Microsoft Fills Wunderlist Place, A New To-Do App Support All Kind of Devices

Image Credit : Microsoft

The new placement comes from Microsoft, the company released a new public preview of the to-do app, capable named To-Do. This new To-Do was released from the Wunderlist, and the app can deliver some interesting and more intelligent thing with a new way to help the people who live around the world day to day life with connected. The feature was powered by Microsoft’s Office 365 setup and algorithm product travel through simple logic every task and it gives a clean result.

Get your to-dos all in one place. It can create a list of things, For example, work, home or groceries. Through on this you can track daily and set the reminder for future review along with this due dates and important notes. Your personal list will become colorful themes all your choice. You can work your site around the world with your compatible device like iPhone, Android, Windows, and on the web.

When you start with to-dos the day will count from this app. Every day your list start with clean paper calculated approximately what you want to finish perfectly. Tap the Intelligent Suggestions to receive more points currently what’s the important thing. All you have to do tap lightbulb, and you can find any of to-dos from the previous day. The new To-Dos becomes more executive with Office 365 and all product in one place. It can prepare with Outlook that stands on the top to anywhere. Even, the product can do automatically sync to your task with To-Dos, and you can reach all the devices.

Microsoft says that To-Dos going to get more experience with Mac, iPad and Android tablet with other product of Microsoft services.

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Source: Microsoft To-Dos with Web, Android,  iPhone 

Via: Microsoft Blog 

An Easy Way You Can Do Rapidly Delete All Blank Cells in Microsoft’s Excel

Just a name, if you enter into Excel spreadsheet, the program has a lot of blank cells. Maybe you have amended with some copy and paste text from others or remove the row as you like it. You can go through the whole list or make individually to delete the blank row when you perform like you waste a lot of time.

You can choose some simple arrangement. All you have to load the spreadsheet that you wish to bring edit or choose every single cell. You can make faster clicking the small triangle from A column and 1 row. After that, use F5 and click the Special button to load the Go To Special menu. Choose the Blanks on the list and hit the Ok. This going to be select all the blank cells on your spreadsheet. Finally, you can give delete function on them.

Before you doing above performance, choose Home tab and see the cell section on the right side. You can click the Delete, after Delete Cells. You can choose more Delete like Sheet Rows or Sheet Columns, but some of the test failures the site MakeUseOf writer Ben Stegner pointed out. Once you approach on Delete, the Excel will ask you how to perform the deletion. Whether you delete the row, skip the Shift cells up. If you come to delete the column, use Shift cells left.

The final result, once you have done delete the blank on the spreadsheet, it keeps only the text. If you are using Google Spreadsheet, it will show all blank cells, you can copy and paste into the Excel, after that you can apply above options to delete the blank cells.

That’s it.

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An Easy Way You Can Disable Ads on Windows 10 File Explorer

First of all, we have to thank them, for whom? Microsoft. Because the first release of Windows 10 OS gives upgrade. Yes! I my Windows PC gets upgraded it was Windows 7 and now my laptop running with Windows 10.

The matter about the ads where distributing on Windows lock screen and start menu, and now the company extend ads facilities into Windows File Explorer.

From where this feature was demand to provide such a thing. The name it was called sync provider notification option, that Microsoft points out, every update that helps to approach the users by making a faster, detailed about those improvement gets a variety of things from Windows 10. This new ads now you can find on your OneDrive and Office 365. The site IntoWindows find out the solution with two kinds of steps to disable ads from a Windows 10 File Explorer.

To disable Sync provider notifications you can get a clean result from File Explorer.


* Open File Explorer

* File menu

* Change Folder and search options

* Folder Option–> View tab

* Advanced settings –> Show sync provider notifications

* Make uncheck before Show sync provider notification–> Apply button

Step: 2

* Open Registry Editor

* Type ”Regedit” from Start menu or use taskbar search box

* Enter

* Registry Editor Window follows the key below

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced

* Once you find ShowSyncProviderNotifications

* Edit DWORD Value and set 0 to make turn off notification permanently.

If you want to back set the value data from 0 to 1.

That’s it.

Via: IntoWindows