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Your Windows 10 operating computer, then you must see OneDrive, but at the same time you have not seen on it, then you can find some other ways to hide the OneDrive from Windows 10.

If your computer PC has Windows 10 Home version, then you don’t have to move Group Policy editor. But the situation is same you can use every function on OneDrive step by step to delete all items which are included in the Cloud storage.

To finish the perform correctly, you need to search the OneDrive icon, which is available on the system tray right at the bottom of Windows corner. Whether you don’t find the icons. All you have to do click the small arrow to display the OneDrive icon.

* Open OneDrive app

* Settings

* In the General tab, you can uncheck the every single box

* Click Auto Save tab

* Set This PC only and make uncheck the boxes

* Next, Account tab

* Click Choose folders

* Click Sync all files and folder in my OneDrive and press on OK button.

Finally, you follow these steps, you can clean the all from OneDrive, and also you can keep safe your cloud storage.

Go to the Account tab from OneDrive settings. And remove your account with Unlike this PC from OneDrive and make exit the Welcome window which is popping up, as you want to skip from them. Furthermore, open your File Explorer and find OneDrive listed on the sidebar, and make right-click on it and click Properties–>General tab–>Hidden. Finally, you can check it out from your Windows system tray which OneDrive icon listed and Click Exit. That’s it.

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