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If you are connected with friends or family in Twitter, you can keep managing your data because your Twitter account gathering all your personal details.

Twitter is not a vulnerable social media such like a Facebook, Instagram, and more. Twitter will turn the tabs for user data, performing to build secure profiles of every user to set the standard things. The result isn’t covered all the others, it’s depend on the user account, but at the same time you can give some authorization to collect your data.

Twitter can start review of your data and their settings, which is allowable and not. Whether you are welcome to audit those data from your Twitter account, then here is a simple track you can find the solution. The site iMore detailed as much.

Review Your Data and Settings on Twitter Account:

* Sign in your Twitter.com in your desktop

* Click the avatar on the top right corner and Profile and Settings menu

* Settings and privacy 

* Your Twitter data

* enter the password to make confirm.

This setting isn’t going to show the complete data related of your profile, in the mean time that Twitter will catch in different way through in-app settings. To know details click the link below it have attached.

Via: iMore 

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