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As stated by Google, that more than one billion sites on internet cable around the world, and there is no shortage of cool or amazing websites that aren’t very popular, but it comes very useful. The sites are remedied, and there is no bulk amount of features. It has a minimal number of options, and that are able to run the program. Here is the list of websites that really useful to you.


Doing a manual search your favorite movies on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes are really not comes handy, better you can drive single search through CanIStream.It and it may help who have to come up next the result should be.

The CanIStream.it will be missed out TV show, but the site focused to view the movies list in pretty decent way. You know that plenty of streaming service has added to your option.


The WhatTheFont web app is workable and most popular on the internet. You don’t want to find places to make sign in for the upcoming result. To upload the photo you need choose File and the rest will be projected. Through on this you will get three important points, which may support your photo to bring edit from Photoshop, before you permit to upload the image.

If the font doesn’t connect with photo, move into the forum section. From there, you can find a list of community experts. This website will support to make download on both Android and iOS. This site is serviced your saved images from your phone gallery and also it can run on the air with the default camera phone.


Whenever you go to purchase the product through online, everyone finds their best deals that boost you buy the items, along with there are plenty of price tracking site available on the web to support when or when not to.

With CamelCamelCamel, it may help you to track some top online brand from Amazon and fit the best to buy from the extension.

Online Alarm Clock:

If you feel very simple and you look a free online alarm clock, then you can type and search Online Alarm Clock it just fulfills your thoughts. When you look the online alarm clock it looks background with dark with a red clock added with seconds.

To set the alarm, you need to approach the menu which helps to see the hour and minutes through offline. When you go to offline mode the sound brings out and constant. However, the online alarm clock brings a variety of sounds, countdown or counter, and few others.

Online Etymology Dictionary:

This Online Etymology Dictionary brings you the word’s with complete meaning. If you want to know particular word and their history, you came exact place where you can find the originality of the content. This one really gets you a true experience with two kinds of outlook.

Etymology Dictionary is a free content on the internet. You can add word or related word, suffix for spot content, that it will take to search the content of meaning or click search box anyone of alphabetic to add get the immediate result.


If you talk about Mathway, the site has more than ten million of monthly users that played a vital role in U.S, and it turns into as an AI (Artificial Engine). The website is now able to run more than seven countries, and you are mobile user, then you can download respectly from Google Play Store and Android Phone.

With Mathway, you can sort out those issuance with a subject of Pre-Algebra, Tirgometry, Statistics. That’s it.


“Is It Down Right Now” is a web tool will monitor the online status about your websites, whether the network is down or not. If you want to know the status the search tool integrated to test the site. All you have to enter URL address and give Check button. That’s it. The result comes from your domain in real time mode through online websites.

Time and Date:

This site will get you result to know you about your day, month, and year between two dates. And also the result keeps convert your days in seconds, minutes, hours, and more.

Via: Geeks Tutorial / YouTube 

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