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You know about Yoga, it’s a popular and physically keeps your body always fitness. This simple step you can do on your home with proper video or text guide. But choosing this way it becomes quite expensive for the beginners. Howsoever, if you are interested to make workout Yoga, then you can choose some other way like download and install apps on your smartphone. If you are using an Android phone, so then it comes so easy

Yoga daily fitness – Yoga workout plan:

If you workout daily it can increase your health, build you a very strong muscles and more. Through on this you can find some instructions about Yoga, exercises, tips, 30 days Yoga, and Reminder. Doing Yoga a daily plan it makes more stronger and easily pliable. Before you pose you can read the instruction which is given each and every Yoga Pose. Along with this, 30 days Yoga program gives clean instruction through videos. Even, you can create reminder it has been set a weekly program.

10 Daily Yoga Poses:

Adding this Yoga app on your Android phone, you can escape from the stress, makes you flexible and peaceful mind. If you are willing to do a daily yoga poses then it includes a 10 poses. While doing this program, it keeps younger and look more confident. Doing a daily yoga it makes good your body.

Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans:

It’s a clean app for beginners and advance yoga people. The app offers you more than 500 plus poses and classes with 200 plus guided yogas. This app not only keep fit your body with yoga, but at the same time it will support your health related benefits both for your body and mind. You can get online coaches with meditations staffs and post daily yoga through community lovers. The app, available more than 7 languages that are working worldwide.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body:


Yoga Studio helps you to play, create and customize with high definition video yoga classes with teacher comments. The app has been divided into three parts, which are beginner, intermediate, and advance yoga classes or you stay with full fitness.

Yoga for Beginners:

This app starts with an astonishing guide those who are from the beginner point. It brings sequences, tutorials, poses, question and answers from the basic. If you are a new yoga people or you have already started and missed out some classes, then this app is the best place to re-unite to develop your practice from the home.

Down Dog:

Down Dog is an essential yoga. It can boost from the basic level of yoga. It has customizable assize of lengths, different type of workouts, various levels, and more. Along with this, you can find Google Fit, basic classes, offline, voice guide and music sessions. When you use this app on your phone, it doesn’t provide a completely free, if you want to maintain completely you need to spend some currencies.

5 Minute Yoga:

5 Minute Yoga is a simple yoga app. The app will focuses a short, and five minute yoga sessions. It has daily reminders, timer, and different size of exercise. And the app also includes video tutorials that you can understand very much. You can do yoga with clean pictures along with neat descriptions, so you can practice with mistakes. If you access this app you need to pay $1.99 a month, and $5.99 per year.

Pocket Yoga:

There are so many apps on the play store, even i have listed above, this one a better choice for yoga. This app uses pictures and text format guidance. When you open this app, you can find more than 200 plus poses with clean descriptions and pictures. Pocket yoga set with a karma system. When you do more practice you will earn more karma. This karma unlocks additional items inside the app. Without practical also you can buy the karma through in-app purchase.

Yoga – Poses & Classes:

This yoga app brings a basic feature. It has high definition videos, and more than 100 poses and different type of classes. The app also boosts a beginner, intermediates, and advance those who want to workout. The class hours are from 10 to 30 minutes. And also the app help you to make the scheduling, saves search history.

Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga:

With this yoga app, you can make yoga mediation through on music, relaxing to sleep. You can set the timer to yoga sessions or turn off the music when you get into the deep sleep. Using Meditation music includes high quality melodies to make yoga practice.

That’s it.

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