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Snapchat brings continuously new design for Android app, and it’s happening non-stop adding new options. Now, the Snapchat brings two useful features like Font and Do Not Disturb. Here you can find the steps how to use on your Android.

First, you need to download the Snapchat from play store, and use new font and Do Not Disturb. Either, if you downloaded previously on your smartphone, then it’s ok to get inside. Before you use this feature, your Snapchat must be the latest version.

If you want to before these features from Snapchat you need to make sign up with the beta test.

New Font:

All you have to load the Snapchat app, and open camera app and take flick on the main screen. After that, tap on the screen any side of the area and immediately the default keyboard will display. Straightaway, the keyboard above, you can find the font style listed. You can scroll from the right to left to select the font which is available that you like to use on it.

Before, you type the text, you can change font’s color through slide from the settings. After you have selected, you can tap the blue arrow button to send the image to friends and family members.

The above image is the example that you can test on your Snapchat.

Enable Do Not Disturb:

If you are receiving plenty of messages from individual or group users, you can activate Do Not Disturb on the situation based. To apply this option you need to enter Friends list on your Snapchat. Find and tap on the message icon on the lower left side of the app screen or swipe into the left side on the app screen.

Without exit, you need to search the person or group list to make mute or long press. And the new pop up screen will open from the contact user. Choose the Settings and again the pop up screen will be displayed. Finally, selecting Do Not Disturb, you will never receive notification.


If you want to get back the previous function, you need to follow the same step selecting Turn On Notifications.

That’s it.

Source: Snapchat for Android

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