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Google Assistant has mingled with Android device, and it will deliver through press and hold the home button or use voice over command. It brings the customization through on phone settings, and search more details, and send text messages – all it happens through voice over communication. And this Google Assistant works maximum Android support devices.

As you know very well, that Google Assistant bring you plenty of music to listen for your interest. But at the same time if you aren’t successful with the connection you are away from the music provider. Here you can follow the steps that how to set the music provider and set as a default on Android.

Here are the few steps that you need follow:

* Open your Android phone, Press and hold your Home button, and load Google Assistant.

* You can find the blue drawer icon on the half page of Assistant menu.

* Choose three-dot menu on the top right corner and Settings.

* Select Music from Services header.

* You can see the list of music providers which is compatible with your device as well as set into default.

* If you are looking more service, then you may go through Most music services, and tap and follow those instructions to make a connection with your Google account.

Finally, you can try using such a word ”Ok Google” and continue with text speech which has to come related to the music. In case, you missed out or not required then your Google Assistant doesn’t support playlists or Pandora stations. This is another way that you can play favorite music with more faster.

That’s it.

Source: Google Assistant

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