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Keep on the top, it’s all about your personal assistant wherever you go that will be taken up to you with perfect result. The Microsoft’s Cortana brings a latest update that can change your path using from Google Assistant. For change, if you wanted to play, then use long-press on the home screen button and draw up the personal assistant, you can see the purple color screen with white dot listening to you. This new update version finds in the play store.

The home shortcut will be swiped out with Cortana overlay screen applicable instead of Google Assistant. In this feature, you can move every single action will carry forward to your computer, so you get both shareable. Any missed call will reroute through your PC or mobile phone.

If you set permanently, the application runs continuously on your Android platform. Load and sign in, the app ask to apply the basic elements which are they lock screen, once you have conformed the Cortana will be applied as a standard. The app brings the personal assistant through voice, listening of Google app support to Cortana.

Microsoft pays out more apps through Android, because the Windows phone doesn’t reach to the most phone users.

That’s it.

Source: Cortana Via: Android Police

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