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Microsoft released a new update for Outlook.com adding beta support. It makes a place to everyone, but the company a notice that beta version will be available for limited users— anyway you don’t want to get a full version, you have chance to jump the queue.

Yes! Microsoft now interested to make Outlook.com beta to everyone. From there you can expect a lot to get on it. With an updated you can find a new look and advance, features. This beta service not available as default program you have to bring some changes on it.

Trigger to new beta it takes little more click on the toggle. If you see on the top right of your outlook.com inbox, you can find ”Try the beta” and you can see all kind of things to do.

Microsoft indicates, it makes easier when you search the messages, and refresh the searches using with keywords. You can find a new photos that you can try and share all in one place.

This new beta brings emojis and GIFs , and also ”modern” chat style, and attaching files, photos are all gets faster. Now your inbox display you more suggestions adding information about your favorite restaurants, flights, or you set the favorites to make schedules to chat with them. The new conversation makes easier to control and photo preview and file attachments.

Microsoft says there are more features has to come through Outlook.com beta within months, that going to update Calendar and People.

That’s it.

Source: Office blog Via: Betanews

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