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Pwned Passwords, it’s a new service and allow you to verify your passwords, whether it was leaked or not on the web. This new function was implemented and you can see on 1Password.

If you are using 1Password and you hold membership, you are welcome to check the password whether it was stolen the data and the password are leaked on the web. This new operator makes yourself to get confirmation on the 1Password.

How To check the password on 1Password:

* Open 1Password on the web and you need to make sign in

* Click to load Vault

* Use short key like Shift-Control-Option-C or Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C to enable the system.

* The service will work for to unlock the statement and after you need to click ”Check Password” button which is next to your password. To know more about you can watch below given video. After finalizing the checking through Pwned Passwords, the 1Password remind you know. Either,1Password doesn’t give exact result then you have to decide the password matches some other user on the database, so you need to bring the password change immediately. If you want to know about this you can visit on their official blog here.

Source: AgileBits

Via: Engadget

Image Credit: Julien GONG Min /Flickr

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