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Microsoft rolling out a new Xbox app for Windows 10 PC. Everyone knows, the company did many changes removing unwanted social features on the Xbox app and now it gets a new Xbox app that will be a top priority for Xbox Game Pass and their store.

At the E3 event, Microsoft pointed out the new Xbox app comes in multiple functions. It brings the Xbox app for a home in Desktop or Laptop games, along with this Xbox games that will be available on every computer device. Microsoft things the new Xbox app gives the impression to the competitor like Steam, and if you see the design, the app looks really awesome.

When you install this new Xbox app on your Windows 10, users can play on Game Pass and Game Store. It means you can access Xbox Game Pass on your PC through on this new Xbox app. Through on this, you can connect social media friends and it makes you easy chats. This new app brings users to make download and install the games from Microsoft Store from your Windows 10.

What’s more interesting on this app, it completely based on Electron, and it comes with a Win32 app. And the company Microsoft shifted from UWP to new Xbox app which is something more interesting.

If you have interested in this new Xbox app, it comes in a beta program, and you can able to get here.

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