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If you are managing multiple Facebook accounts or sharing your computer with friends or family members, the social site makes you more flexible using switch between the account on the same website.

Here you can find the step by steps:

* Once you logged into the Facebook account on the web and you can see the image which is located next to profile name.

* Click the Add Account

* Add username and password and Log in. If you set default log in using Remember password, then you don’t want to enter password again to make switching another accounts. This is going to remain as a log in to Facebook, so you don’t want to enter password again and again. In future, this option you don’t want then you can remove the login details and add more security.

* After following above steps, click the Account switcher button, you can see the account which you are going to view that will be marked with green color circle on the profile image top right corner.

* In future, you want to remove accounts from your computer, all you have to click the X mark which is located on the profile picture corner.

Remember that, through to this feature you can add a maximum of 10 account switcher on the same computer. This is the best way who use regularly to connect the people on a single computer.

That’s it.

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