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Skip your Microsoft password, whenever you open PC you need to enter the password? This article may help you that remove Windows password login on Windows 10.

When it comes to the tablet you don’t want to stand entering a password to open the device, it comes to a default and jumps out to type password in Windows 10. But you are trying to enter Windows PC, it’s difficult to manage and also you are looking to load faster. For this you removing the unwanted password from Windows to increase the speed, secondly, it can save you that no one can intrude your computer at all.

While removing your Windows password login, it comes much easier all you have to do unchecking the box.

Here you can know to uncheck the box:

* Open Windows 10 and enter netplwiz on start menu

* Run command

* Remove the right tick from Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer and Apply.

* Add your username and password, again enter your password.

* Click OK and Save to change the settings.

If you want to get back the same position, you have to make tick the box.

That’s it.

Via: Techadvisor

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