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Google Drive, this utility sometime you don’t find a clear format, but the achievement comes with few steps. You can try if you feel better with this setting when this cloud storage sharing documents with others.

This easy schedule make you a copy document from Google Drive account. But at the same time collaborating automatically those copies once the user receives the copy of the links.

This Google Drive comes much easier within document when it comes to share others to edit every single copy of the files. After that it will save through File–>Make a Copy on the menu. The site MakeUseOf pointed out, how making a copy a document from Google Drive.

Exchange Copies of Documents to User:

You can find some critical stage that you need to step into the session. With Google Drive, you can make a copy with simple steps and automatically the document will be shared for the users. Understand, this simple step works all Google Drive’s Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

* Load Google Drive that you want to send others

* Click blue color Share button and on the top right hand

* Share with others–>Get a shareable link icon–>Edit to make update the link.

* Copy and share to email or other media

* Click Advanced, and Uncheck Notify people.

* You just send the link of the documents, not required notification through on the email

* Click OK and Save changes.

All you have to do copy and paste the link in the email. Now, you can find the link, after that you can delete after the forward slash in the shared link and add copy.

Finally, you can send the link through email. The result, it comes clear and the recipient can click the link, it will re-route on Google Drive to make a copy of the documents.

That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf 

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