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Microsoft’s Windows user can access Cortana reminder that for read article on later time, and this posting guide how to set Cortana to remind on your Windows 10.

Normally, we all use tabs on the browser for to-dos, and you don’t finish them once the task completes them. Nowadays, you work on this particular browser and your plenty of tabs are opened but you really don’t know to get back them, or you remember to get back that comes to you fail to open those tabs.

In this situation, if you are using Microsoft Edge, your Cortana may help you to remind those left-handed tabs that will display you as notifications, and also you can find in Action Center, and you can cross to them for later reading. The site Windows Central pointed out.

Set Up Cortana Reminders:

* Load Microsoft Edge

* Move to Web page and save

* Share button on the top corner on the browser

* Cortana Reminders button to set a new reminder

* Add reminder subject

* Time–>Another time

* Choose the time and day for a reminder

* Remind button

Once you have followed above steps, you are complete the process, and now start receiving Cortana notification for reading later the article.

That’s it.

Via: Windows Central 

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