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An Easy Way You Can Open and Close DVD Disc Drive on Desktop/Laptop Windows

With Computer or Laptop doing a daily basis, the system device often regularly opening and closing the DVD disc drive it comes much easier. This simple functionality uses Eject button for the disc drive to open and close the door. However, you performing through this you can do only open the disc drive but closing the drive it’s far from you. For this, you can use shortcuts on your Windows.

If you go with Windows it has a built-in feature ‘‘Eject” button to open the disc tray out. But you want to close in the same manner Microsoft missed out this feature. For this, you have to try with manually to insert the DVD or CD disc. To use Eject button all you have to give right-click on any optical disc drive inside ”My Computer”–>”Eject” from the Context menu. But you want to close the tray it comes only manual position. This little feature might go to help you a lot in a fast manner to save from unwanted action.

If you want to do both open and close the disc tray, the third party developers recommend installing on any Windows. Door Control is a tiny application that works on Windows. Once you launch the application from the desktop, it’s stand on the system tray. To open and close the disc tray, click on Door Control icon that available in the system tray.

Door Control let you allow you to use shortcut keys. To know the keys give a right click on the app icon and choose the ”Hot Key” from the menu. After that select the Hot Key and give OK. In future you want to open and close the disc tray, just use to press the designation keys. That’s it.

Via: Maketecheasier

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