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Shot a video doesn’t come harder from your device. Once the video completes and you want to make edits those video clips, that time it comes harder and stronger to perform those tasks. When you use on your computer, the system has a broader screen and large amount of disk space and huge amount of RAM from there anyone can make it easier to produce a nice video editing on the device. When you use your smartphone it doesn’t have enough specifications or faster to enhance the experience like top video editing software Final Cut Pro for Mac, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Same like this you can’t find close application on your mobile. Anyway, some of the apps that bring you a basic level of experience. Even it’s perfect for ready blogging if you work hard. Here are the best apps that really matches on your Android phone. Let’s with us until.

ActionDirector Video Editor:

ActionDirector software is a popular video editing on the computer PC. And this available on your Android phone. This application carries a basic element. With this tool you can import and export video clips, edit and render the complete video. Along with this you can include music, trim the video any size, add fonts, get slow motion videos, and more. It’s a very few tools that have 4K video. To download this application you can may go through on Google play store.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

This video editing tool helps you to make faster and create high quality videos that can share to any social media or video broadcasting site. It has an automatic video creation with a nice soundtrack and clip along with these pictures to rock the music. Through creating videos can be shareable to any platform. It has a drag and drop facilities video and photos that makes easy trim outs that you don’t want anymore. To add background music you can go through soundtracks, or you can include your own music. You can add custom lighting and color screen from your Adobe Capture CC to improve overall appearance of the video. These are the main visuals and the rest like photo motion, and simply can share any social media.


It’s a most popular video editing tools on the mobile planet and available on your Android phone. It gives you a basic function like what others provide. Howsoever, the tool adds dual video, picture, and layers. For extra function, audio filters, chrome key which looks green screen available in the background. When you use this application brings multiple effects, transitions, and plenty more. This tool gives high performance on your mobile not on your desktop computer. Anyway, this comes very close with other video editing products. This app doesn’t give full version, it gives you a trial version. You can drive through from Google play store.


This application was recently arrived on both Android and iOS device as well. It can complete the video editing for YouTubers and Vloggers. You can make video with music and some effects come so simple on your hands. From this creation you can lead to on your YouTube, and social media. And also this Vlogit app offering custom thumbnail for YouTube. When the video produces it give 1080p with high quality. You can download from Google Play Store.

Movie Maker Filmmaker:

The best video editing software available right now. When you use you are welcome to trim, crop, and rearrange the video clips as well. This tool can boost a lot of filters and video effects, but the output doesn’t attract any more. It has a basic right to do well with music. If you use this application you find any bug report and this leading all the time. But this one suitable for video editing and no ads with this free app.


The Hongkong based FilmoraGo from Wondershare. It comes very easy and everyone says that best video editing apps. This app also follows some other apps like basic level of feature trim, cut, render, and the same other stuff. You can play video reverse on this FilmoraGo. And also you can make square videos for Instagram, and set the video size 16:9 for YouTube. It has all kinds of feature, which i will mention a few hear they are slow down, transitions, overlays and filters, text and titles, customization for color and size and add the next level of motion graphics. Finally, you can bring the output video with HD print and share to Facebook, and more.


Quick a new generation video editing app. It’s a very neat application, if you are looking a very simple. The app allows you a maximum count of 50 photos, and video clips on the app. The app analyzes the video and it make you split the video from the bulk. With Quik you can find dozens of video styles and rearrangement and customize your created video that you post a video. You can download and sets no in-app purchase.

Funimate Video Editor and Effets:

This application reaches more 5 million users for video editing and maker with music sounds. It can create some awesome sound clips, sync videos, make slow motion, and more. Along with, this includes more effects, text, emoji all comes when you edit the video with amazing items. You can 20 plus advanced video effects on Funimate app and music editor. Besides all available feature, you can merge, cut, trim and edit a nice video. This app design to build the short kind of video and YouTube for more.


VivaVideo is one of extraordinary video editing application. With experience, the tool is a downtown video editor. The tool is built for short clips to share on social media. It brings storyboard finishing editing to load the clips, edit and trim which most requires for the users. When you access the app brings you more 200 plus filters and more effects, fonts, and slow motion. VivaVideo brings free along with the watermark and it gives a time limit to produce the video. To remove all these function you break the free and buy the Pro.


PowerDirector brings specious amount for video editing on this app list. When you install, and open this application, it has plenty of features, sometime you really confused to make video editing, and select various effects and tools. Along with this, you can run slow motion and collage maker. It’s a free to download from the play store, but not all features to access, you need to buy the product to access the feature for your product.

That’s it.

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