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Your Windows 10 gives the opportunity to use any email address to create an account.

First time, you are going to set up Windows system, or adding a new user, every time you need to generate a new account, Windows 10 asks you to use a Microsoft account which depends on the Outlook email ID. Anyway, if you decided to skip those defaults, you can bring any email address such like a Gmail to make a new Windows 10 account.

When you ready to skip the Microsoft address, you will get the same benefits that you choose non-Microsoft address. If you want to maintain on the same service, but you need to create a new account without leaving email service, and you want to stay with a similar email address, settings may help you to generate a new account without using the Microsoft email address.

Following below steps you can easily set up a new account on your computer without using the Microsoft address, you can use Gmail address.

A new Windows Account using with Gmail email address:

* Load Settings

* Accounts

* Family & other people

* Click Add some else to this PC button

* I don’t have this person’s sign-in information

* Type Gmail account

* Enter secure password 

* Choose the region on drop-down menu

* Add birthday details

* Next button

* Option marketing preferences

* Next 

* Make sign-in to Gmail account from your browser

* Make verify your email address on your Microsoft account

Once you have finished above steps, you are set to use Windows 10 with your selective email address without using Microsoft account.

That’s it.

Via: Windows Central 

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