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How to Generate A Guest User Account in Windows 10 OS

Your computer gains a recent update on Windows 10, then you can’t generate a guest user accounts like you are using on your system device. Here you can follow a few steps and take them on your computer and easily fix them those issues.

How to Generate A Guest User Account in Windows 10 OS

No one knows, Why the Microsoft keeps suspense that removing the guest user accounts in Windows 10, but the Guest level of authorization is still working. When it comes to Control Panel the new guest user accounts were hidden. If you want to return back you need to stay with simple commands. All you have to do open Command prompt.


Type net user Visitor / add / active: yes to generate the guest user account. You can bring some changes in command replace the Visitor with any new name that you like, but you have to aware when you are changing on the list. You can’t amend the ”Guest” it comes permanently on Windows system.


Type net user Visitor * this make you create a password for your new account.


After that press twice to place a blank password.


Type net localgroup users Visitor / delete you can erase the Visitor from regular users account.


Type net localgroup guests Visitor / add to include Visitor to the guests user group.

Finally, you made a new guest account. This one keeps the same authorization which you are using old accounts. That’s it.

Source:  Superuser    Via: Laptopmag, Lifehacker

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