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No one can say, my mobile doesn’t have WhatsApp. Because nowadays everyone has their mobile WhatsApp. It can support for you every needs whether you want to make voice, video or messages all it can be done on this application. The main thing that chatting with single or group you need everything private. If you are in group member and you want to answer every reply to the particular people it can be possible. When you make group chat your thread must be private as you can see on Facebook messenger, Whatsapp and more. To prepare private chat conversations that comes easier on WhatsApp. On this app, you can reply privately to your group messages. Here you can get the point to apply on your smartphone.

How To Make Reply Privately on Group Messages:

Your phone has WhatsApp, open that and enter into a group chat. If you receive conversation and select the one through tap and hold the message. On the top right you can see three dots and tap on it.

Once it reveal, you can see additional options Reply Privately. Once you tap on it, you are welcome to make reply the person to sent message in private chat. The original message will automatically affix into that you are sending or forwarding through on WhatsApp.

Actually, the forwarding private messages to a particular person who reply to them. And you can reply privately to the group message but the situation to one person that who sent the threads you are replied to them. Whether you want to change the recipient and you want to forward the message you can use forward symbol option which is next to the threads.

This useful option that you can find a new function on your WhatsApp. This feature available on both iPhone and Android. That’s it.

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