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There are plenty of file formats that we have been used for different files and folders. If anyone ask you the regular file formats then it comes in our mind PDF file formats these are most common file formats forever. When you approach to download any files on the web. You should know that every browser has in-built PDF reader, you can easily open and read them with one click.

If you don’t want to use PDF on your chrome? Still, it’s lead with simple features, you can download PDF and load on your computer desktop without saving file. Luckily, you can stop those function not to complete through Chrome settings with few step.

Stop Downloading PDF Files with Single Click on Google Chrome:

* Open Chrome browser –> Click three dot on the top right corner.

* Settings

* Advanced at the bottom.

* Privacy and security –> Content settings.

* Click PDF documents

Finally, you can see the feature Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome. Next turn toggle into On.

Now, you can check if you going to open the PDF inside the Chrome, it will not complete on the same tab. Instead of, it will take action that download the files. Either, you don’t want to go through Download, then you can where you want to save the PDF files.

That’s it.

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