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It’s all about watching a movie if you make a download from Netflix to your computer and you are interested to watch on a large screen like TV or you want to display your pictures to your family members with the large screen through Windows 10 laptop screen to the TV.

There are plenty of ways that you can connect your Windows 10 laptop to TV. You can use HDMI cable between Windows 10 laptop and TV. But at the same time, if you want to skip these cable and you need to go with wirelessly connect both Windows 10 laptop to TV.

For this, your laptop and TV should connect with Miracast standard. This program runs as a wireless connection with PC screen to the TV.

How To Setup Wirelessly Connect Windows 10 laptop to TV:

* First you need to turn on the TV with Wi-Fi connection. For this, you need to move into TV’s settings to make Wi-Fi turn on.

* Windows 10 laptop or tablet, Settings app–>System–> Display.

* Multiple displays –>Connect to a wirelessly display link. Now your Windows 10 will start finding the available wireless devices and you can make it on the connect pane.

Note: Check your Windows 10, if you don’t find Connect to a wireless display then your Miracast doesn’t support anymore.

* After your TV connection appeared on the list, click wirelessly connect to your Windows 10 laptop to TV. Either you Windows 10 doesn’t available, click Detect button on Multiple displays section.

Projection Settings:

* If you connect your Windows 10 laptop to TV or other external display, your Windows 10 uses which you have used in the last projection mode.

* Settings–> System–> Display and Click Connect to link wireless display to check connect pane.

* Click Change projection mode to choose the type of projection from option Duplicate, Extend and the Second screen only.

Alternatively, you can get into the Projection pane with shortcut keys Windows logo+P and choose the mode.

How to disconnect from TV:

* Settings app–> System –> Display.

* Connect to a wireless display link to display the Connect pane. Click Disconnect through Windows 10 laptop to TV or Screen.

Finally, load the Connect pane using Windows logo + P shortcut keys, and Click Disconnect to disable through Windows 10 laptop from the TV.

That’s it.

Via: IntoWindows

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