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Until now, WhatsApp doesn’t have group admins to take full control through inside the feature. The group only can treat user to invite a new contacts and delete names, provide a new admin status, but at the same time it will not allow to edit or allow as a new admins. Especially, why the WhatsApp such a long time it doesn’t give admins status because the member can intrude to cause the settings and it may collapse the whole feature in any condition.

That’s why the new update comes from WhatsApp as a beta version 2.18.132. Those who admin in group they can see Group settings through group info page, under Encryption. While you tapping on Group settings will open with Edit group info and Edit group admins.

When you click Edit group info the page will open with all participants or restricted to admins to avoid unwanted things. If you are going to change Edit group admins, and you set any member as a admin you just tap and hold the particular member on each every single. Either, you want to grant multiple members as a admins status, the screen allow you to promote various members in group.

If you are using WhatApp and specially you are group admins then this offer comes more useful on your experience. That’s it.

Source: WhatsApp for Android

Via: Android Police

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