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You can thing that no one can touch and get into the private area, otherwise it may fastener with your MacBooks and you need to make confirmation that they don’t have any corporeal access to your PC. This method doesn’t works always.

Anyway, you must take charge about the security and seclusion, and the deal doesn’t come much easier and the output is prefect anymore. It can happen anything and you must leave your MacBook sometime lay down around the place. For this you can approach Do Not Disturb app that gives you a little extra credit to make a peace of mind to send quick notification you if someone triying to get your laptop data.

Anyway, the app name little bit lenthy and confusing and it also we can say the app come through open-source and it will not work to control notifications on MacBook.When you use Do Not Disturb app is a lightweight application and it has facilities to track those events. A person can intrude you laptop and he can access your very secrets and copy them into any device.

Using with Do Not Disturb app, you can connect to macOS app to make separate the iOS application to get alerts if someone trying to your MacBook. If your MacBook receiving any alerts through Do Not Disturb through on your iOS, and you have a little experience. The app runs through built-in program and capture image if anyone trying to access data and this one shutdown immediately your MacBook. To know about this application, you can test on your MacBook. That’s it.

Source: Do Not Disturb

Via: Lifehacker

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