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There are plenty of malware trying to go down your browser, when it comes to Google Chrome it doesn’t have self defender. On the your Windows if you use Chrome there you can find built-in scanner and that may cleanup your unwanted software.

Most of the user doesn’t know Google Chrome already has ESET tool which runs periodically on your system background for malware software, once it’s find out then user can easily remove it. But this default tool doesn’t have enough gear to scan the malware on your browser. Even you don’t find enough protection on your computer PC.

If your installed Google Chrome act like a strange, getting slow, or you normal seeing ads looks something different, then you can go through manual scan which is available on your Chrome that comes out to give a best result most of the time.

To make manual scan on Chrome:

* Load Google Chrome browser

* Type below content on your browser url bar


* Enter

* Click the Find button

* Remove harmful software next, you can see Remove button.

Your Windows will display a small popup message which mentioned User Account Control asking you whether you need to clean up the computer, Yes or No button to make continue.

Once the unwanted tool has been removed, your system display To finish removing harmful software, restart your computer next Restart Computer. That’s it.

Via: Bleepingcomputer, How-To Geek

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