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There are plenty of web browser available on the web, and these come with default settings, when you use Google Chrome browser to download any files it will download the folder and creates into C: drive.

Through from this, it can create a problem with default download folder, and that one situated in the drive where the Windows operating system has been installed. You may know already about the system drive that fills up quickly with software. To avoid this issue, you just keep relocating the download folder which you download folder from the Chrome.

Basically, moving download folder is the first preference. But at the same time, if you don’t like to change the Download folder and you want to set the location some other way, instead of using default Download folder to set a new download location in Chrome browser, you can replace the location through from Chrome settings.

Here you can follow a few steps that you can change default download location on your Chrome browser with an support of Windows OS.

* Load Google Chrome browser

* Click More icon which comes three dots situated on the top right corner.

* Settings

* Scroll down on Settings page–>Advanced

* Click on Advanced to display more settings and features.

* Download–>Change option next to the Location and choose the location.

* Click the Ok button

Finally, you can make confirm that default download location has been settled in Chrome browser.

After doing this method, you can set one more option by turning on a toggle which comes under Location Ask where to save each file before downloading. For all these, if you are using a Windows 10 it might set very well to download the folder. That’s it.

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