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Non-stop watching, you just take around to know something outside. There are many apps on mobile phone that are great and simple to explore their performance. One of my always favorite YouTube. I always prefer to watch video and my choice is YouTube.

I tried many time to keep out from my mobile phone, because I like watching online video what’s going around the world.

YouTube app brings a new option which is facilitate on Android and that remind you to take a break from the watching videos and if you spending enough time through on this app, and this one turn into something a new path.

* Sign into YouTube app account

* Tap Profile icon

* Settings

* General

* Remind me to take a break

And you can see a small popup window, which is remind you through 15, 30, 60, 90, and 180 minutes if you are watching a non-stop videos. After you have touch the limit time, the small popup will point you to take a break. That’s it.

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