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Our choice is Windows and also it’s a people choice. You have done with some a few shortcut keys to do copy and paste, the only things that you have already with some other clipboard app. Right now you have to throw out those things because Windows introduce a new clipboard. Anyway you can achieve very soon on your Windows PC.

This new function will reach if your Windows Insider build 17666 then you are lucky person to access the new clipboard. You can take simple step on copy and paste the text, and image below 1MB. Even, you can do regularly, such a like your address or phone contact.

Your Windows 10 stand with latest category, then you can easily activated the new clipboard once for all the time.Here are the step that you need to follow that given below.

Image Credit: Microsoft

* Open Start Menu

* Settings

* System

* Clipboard–>Save multiple items

That’s it. And also you can use Win+V to open the clipboard that display through popup window.

You can add automatically to sync across the Windows system.

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