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When it comes to copy and paste functionality on your Android, it’s a simple process with your finger. Normally, when cutting and pasting text one place to any place is a usual thing, but using cut or copy feature aren’t anymore.

This one not enough them, but many of user want it one step forward. Let’s here you can see there are few steps that you can perform on your Android phone when these are required on your phone device.

Copy and Paste on Android (Basic):

If you aren’t used anymore, copy and paste then this simple basic function helps in most place on your device.

First of all, choose the text. On prefered apps, like one Google Chrome, you can use finger to make long-press on any text that you want to function the copy feature.

After that use your hands to highlight the place to make adjust the content that you want the result. Even, through on this you can choose all the text using Select all to copy the text from the particular area.

Reminds you some of the app doesn’t support your hands, especially, when you are using Twitter the tweets are works with long press and select the whole text. Same like that Google Maps runs to copy the addresses.

At the end, wherever you want to place using paste the function and using long-press, then use Paste it.

Coming to Copy and Paste Option on Android:

Trying copy and paste on your build-in Android phone is a phenomenal function. Off Course, it has been created with limited function. But you want to rock solid things then there are plenty of third-party apps available on play store, if you are using Android phone.

Clipper for Android:

With this app, you can copy that will stand on the top. Through Clipper, you can copy the text multiple times, and you never lose anything even you do some other project.

You can use the copied text, opening your app and tap which content you want. For this the app will copy inside the built-in clipboard, and you can use paste option anywhere that you want it. It makes you very simple. One drop back on this application, that you can find the ads banner at the end of bottom. To avoid the ads, you need to buy Clipper Plus with $2. This one sync and save all in online.

That’s it.

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