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Google introduces a new podcast app feature those who use the Android phone they can achieve them. And also it welcomes you to make subscribe for an upcoming podcast. Through on my Android phone, I have been tested out it works nicely without any disturbance. But make sure your speed internet will need to join this team.

Right now, Google placed podcast details and list of episodes in their search results through an Android phone, and you can play where you get podcast results. Before using this function your phone doesn’t require any app installation.

To play the podcast, open your Google search engine or use Google Assistant with content like ”hackable podcast.”

You will get detailed of the show, and display you a current updated list of each episode that you play podcast right from the place. And also you can see the blue color Subscribe button to make subscribe to get upcoming podcasts. Even you can as a shortcut on your phone home screen.

This feature brings all basic function and you can get permission to make download the list for offline mode, along with this you can control the speed how to listen to the podcast. You can make subscribe the podcast to display on the top and also it feels much which one important and which isn’t. In the halfway, if you are returning to the episodes even you haven’t completed and you can check out with more shows that are lined up with the genre, and publisher. If you are enough experience with voice commands, then here it is that Google Assistant presenting you podcast to search, play and resume every single episode on any Android phone or Google Assistant.

Anyway, there are third-party apps available on play store, they give us such a huge offer and more flexibility, this is the one you start listening to the podcast that you already take down with before all the time. That’s it.

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