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The podcast has still power to carry out a numerous kind of information to provide internet users. Through on this listening from podcast who talks about any topics that you care about and that comes very simple to search podcasts. If you are addicted user of the podcast and there is a new podcast available in the market, and here you can see the best podcast applications for Android.

Pocket Casts:

This app has involved with some beautiful design and non-stop UI and that makes super navigation. You can see the high resolution podcast inside the app. Pocket Casts brings plenty of tools, create playlists and more.

In this app, you can search some easy way podcasts. It provides offline download podcasts to listening audio, which makes you handy whenever you are outside. This app well connected with Chromecast, so you can listen to your TV. Along with this you can arrange timer, playback control, and a few more.


It’s a free podcast application for your smartphone. It brings more than 1 million podcasts from various places. You can use this app more than 70 plus languages, Chrome support, and more. The app connects cloud sync for different devices. The app provides free and no ads. If you unlock then you can find some basic options.

BeyondPod Podcast Manager:

This app takes his place for a long time on the Android, but at the same time the still good condition. Through on this you can search anything whatever you need for this app. You can play podcasts through online or offline mode, playback speed, Chromecast enable, and few others.

Podcast Addict:

Podcast Addict is a free podcast application listed on the Google Play Store. It has a huge library and that come to manageable, online radio, audio files, and few channels. It gives you a multiple playlist, shuffle audio, a timer are included. You can browse the new and trendy podcast through category and list the podcast into RSS and also it works with iTunes, and a little more.

DoggCatcher Podcast Player:

This application is an old podcast app. At the same point this app gets an update. It can support Android Wear, Chromecast and more. It empowers podcast library, playlist, playback speed, themes, and customization options. Everything it comes through Material Design. Anyway, you don’t find any in-app purchase and no ads.

Podcast Player:

This Podcast Player app taking advance design with a simple concept. It can sync the very moment of the episode and moves into the cloud, even you, can make download to list in offline, SD card support, custom features, playback speed, and more. When you use, you may go through science, educations, music, and plenty of other services. And that’s for your interest.

Google Play Music:

When you use Google Play Music, the podcast service you can find from 2016. This app play music to boost podcast and their app to access very simple on your device. With this service, you can find the Podcast that was listed on the separated on the play music. From this you can setup various podcasts and receive notification alerts from plenty of things.

It shows a simple interface and you don’t find an advance feature what other podcast application gives to you. One more thing this Play Music sync the podcast service around the corner. If you make one or more subscribe through from your Android, then this will be displayed through login on the web.

Podcast Go:

Podcast Go is an upcoming podcast application. It has a minimum level of feature which are welcome to download the podcast episodes of every single moment. Along with this timer, and stay more. And also the app attractive with Material Design. This app brings through search or browse on the subscription. Rather than, you meet a basic level of features. This app comes free with ads.

Podkicker Podcast Player:

Podkicker is a very old podcast on the Google Play Store, anyway, this app still gets an update. If you see the app user interface not pretty good with another application, but the app supportable. You can find tab which supports podcasting, episodes, and downloads. This app is free and looks simple always.

Podcast Republic:

This app makes you enjoy to listen podcast, audio files, and YouTube channels. It gives a free streaming live radio. This app allows you to add podcasts through RSS and import OPML files. With this app, you can sync podcast through subscriptions and episode through various devices. The app allows you to save the podcasts on your device or save into an SD card. It brings additional support which is Chromecast, Android Wear, and more.

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