Castro App Contain Widgets, Quick Action to Listen Podcasts for iPhone

Castro App Contain Widgets, Quick Action to Listen Podcasts for iPhone

A Castro app for podcast, whoever else to hear podcasts individually against to full subscriptions, and the app brings a new update feature for the iPhone that may help you access very faster on this app.

Different from this podcast, Castro trial with settings where any podcast stands in queue for a quick glance, this app make you simple to listen the podcasts. You can see a maximum number of twelve episodes in the widget and these are becoming without opening you can listen within the app. Along with this, you can find Carplay, this one brings queued episodes, just tap and play. This feature includes a timestamp, so you can play episodes in Safari on your Mac edition. Castro is offering you to buy $3.99 for this setup.

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Bumpers Lets You Allow to Record, Edit & Listen Conversation from Your iPhone and iPad

Bumpers Lets You Allow to Record, Edit & Listen Conversation from Your iPhone and iPad

It’s not easy to come any kind of music or voice recording from podcast – Without console, you can’t produce one single track of recording, because this podcast will take more time to finish the project work on the right time. Once you have taken a recorder, you must give edit and set the perfect parts those cutting edge. After that, you have to apply the music or sound effects to get the best sounds.

At the moment, the only choice Bumpers gives a perfect solution. It’s an iOS mobile app to record a nice podcast without any additional feature. While the app allowing you to give clean results. It has UI mode that makes editing with the gentle wind, so it capable of finishing your podcast recording within minutes. It can interact with each other, where the podcast community can deep breathe. While preparing through Bumpers you can share your links to the podcast and take embed code to any web pages.

It’s a simple process to start Bumpers to record podcast hit the record button. The tool gets automatically record the voice or music and stands with the serial of line and also you can tap to mute them. You don’t have to find any advanced things it may correct you everything. In between section, the app supports you to add songs without interrupted in between the music tracks, along with loops going to support your voice record. Once you have done the project, you have the option to add title and images to describe, so the listener can identify easily.

Bumpers app for iPhone and iPad, and it’s compatible with iOS 9 and later version. To have more details about the app move your cursor to App Store.

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Anchor App Serve You 2 Minute audio Clip for Android Device

Anchor App Serve You 2 Minute audio Clip for Android Device

After releasing his iOS version, Anchor is now adding podcasts to his Android device.

This Anchor app will try to record and hear the audio clip through on the podcasts network that capable to play only two minutes long file. Even you can make like and share each and every episode, share to the followers and set back reply yourself.

Anchor make you simple to recording for podcasts. To record hold the phone near your ear and as you normally answer the call the same way you to record, or use tap and hold red button. Once you have finished the recording you can share to Anchor community and Microblogging site Twitter.

You can feel much better, same like iOS version, Anchor for Android. And you are welcome to navigate those layouts. When you record your voice, you can search those stuff that can be easily listen through browsing with title topics and hashtags. Anchor gives every recording embed style you can move on the web or blog.

If you are interested to listen those podcasts the big one never tease you, comparing to Anchor. It’s a global formation. Try it on your Android device.

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Castro 2 Is a Sharing and Discovering Podcasts for iPhone and iPad

CCastro 2 Is a Sharing and Discovering Podcasts for iPhone and iPad

Supertop’s Castro 2 brings more refinery to his podcasts users, every podcasts app which they start with new intention that listener to be fulfill finding they’re the best play podcasts, but the new trend takes different location and their listening practice of the users.

Now, the new podcasts Castro 2 introducing such a things that complete everything to the podcasts listener. This podcasts app was created with single-minded on focusing new users who want to get tons of podcasts to discover with their experience. The new feature rolls out sharing and discovering their formula to get from the users experience and these insist every episode through new shows, playlists, and their feeds.

Castro 2, that involved with two important feature available in this podcasts app: Episode triage, sharing and discovering podcasts. When podcasts user will enter into the app account, the triage will help you to find new episodes through the scanner and make you apply whether you are really interested in this playlist. If you want to know a new episode which is the part of inbox tab. From there you can decide and view the podcasts description, queue, and archive. The app plays a vital with Queue tab which gives a single playlist, and these episodes work automatically to send them downloaded, and rearrange or make archive at the situation.

* Castro sports an elegant dark mode and well-thought out sleep timer, offering the best in night time podcast listening.

* Our “Tentacles” backend server constantly scans for new episodes across every podcast, so your phone doesn’t have to, saving battery life and data usage.

* Castro can notify you as soon as episodes are published.

* Download and Storage management: Queued episodes are automatically downloaded, so you can focus on deciding what you want to hear and let Castro manage the details.

* Fine scrubbing: drag the playhead to scan quickly, or drag the waveform for precision scrubbing.
Beautifully rendered full screen show notes allow you to follow up and explore links of episodes that provide these details.

* Rotation support, and big playback controls on the player for easy use while driving.

The app set users favorite shows in queue automatically through the inbox, and the triage will support more and more to listening podcasts without standing to play the podcast in the queue. The Castro 2 app display top charts by genre so it made easy to browse popular shows. While tapping to search it make you find the best shows where you have already listen to it.

To introduce more shows your friend’s recommendation are most welcome in this edition, and users can share links to precise episodes. Easy to open those links with tapping, without queue and subscribe you can listen to whole podcasts. If your friends don’t find Castro app, a beautiful web page will find to listen to the podcasts on their favorite web browser. For sharing purpose the Castro play a vital role through chronological the list of the episode where available in History. So anyone can find the episode to share anyone.

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Overcast Brings Dark Theme, File Upload, Voice Boost and More

Overcast Brings Dark Theme, File Upload, Voice Boost and More

Overcast, It’s a powerful and very simple to use audio podcast player comes with a most of feature on iOS, and now adding some of them made freely to pay patrons.

Through this update, Overcast users will get a new update feature, which brings smaller visualizer that never makes low the battery power along with voice boost options and custom tuned settings once you entered into the iPhone’s built-in voice speaker. The newly added voice boost has advance volume and high quality once you start playing podcasts through smaller speaker. And also you may go with batch add or delete through on the episodes in an audio podcast. Additionally, the app developer connected with Patron network offering you donate a cash. If you have authorization, then you will get dark theme along with upload audio through Overcast website for online streaming. The app directory window shutter opened once you are adding the podcast. That’s it.

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